Natasha JEan-Bart

I just hit the big 5.0. Half a century on Earth to discover the secret to longevity is too long for most, but I can share some wisdom with those who wish to pierce the mystery.

A few call me Tash, the artist’s nickname. Others call me Mama or Mom (both my 4 children and students), while four remarkable little beings call me Nana, aka “Grandma.”

I write about art, passion, philosophy, etymology, and more. I synthesize each of my experiences and share keys that have helped me throughout my life. My gift is to assist people in finding their own paths and voices..I hope you follow me, read me, share with me. Let’s help each other make the world a better place.

Latest Stories

The Gatekeepers

The Parable of the Cipher and the Purpose of Zero — Early ancient civilizations did not have a symbol for zero.

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Imagine an infinite wall of cogwheels. All connected mechanically — gears upon gears representing all the intervals and possibilities of one’s life: Your life.

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The Bluest Blues

To know what is essential you must also know what isn’t. Vast knowledge is best valued when dispersed in small increments.

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”C’est la vie qui nous mène. On ne mène pas la vie.” – “Life leads us. We do not lead life.” My grandmother confided in me about twenty some years ago.

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