Imagine this,

A being is sitting on a distant planet looking through a magical keyhole — a special kind of apparatus that magnifies the microcosmic life of another world. The experiment is to understand human nature. First, she must pick a lively spot on that beautiful foreign sphere. But the spectacle is somewhat tragic as thousands of people are drowning in a river. Astounded by the sheer number of fatalities she comes to the realization that many aliens on that far away orb haven’t learned how to save themselves, but still strive to reach the other shore and get life support. She feels a strong urge to be of service and begins to devise multiple ways to warn the Earthians of the looming dangers.

After much exploration, she realizes that none of the solutions are feasible unless she understands how the Earthians’ psyche works — What motivates their choices, what fuels their drive to reach that other shore. She witnesses four types of Earthian beings.

  1. The one who screams at everyone to beware of the danger and urges all people to learn how to swim.
  2. The one who tries to rescue others at the shoreline and in the process puts his own life in danger.
  3. The one who hastily gathers people in small groups over-time and teaches them how to swim before they depart hoping they’ll remember all the lessons.
  4. The one that sees the whole and decides to invest his energy into building a bridge that will permit safe passage for all.

After observing the Earthians, she ponders for a while.
“I must become one of them. I will ask the guardians to grant me passage to Earth.”

Her request is received, although not yet granted. It comes with a set of warnings and instructions;

“You will forget everything you know is real. Most likely, you will become a part of what you are witnessing. Here is everything you need to know before taking on this mission;

Type 1 Earthian — The number one approach is instinctive but often useless. Most won’t listen to the warnings believing they already know how to swim and will instead try to save themselves.

Type 2 Earthian — The number two approach is heroic but somewhat impractical. It is driven by danger, it is impulsive and may result in two lives lost instead of one.

Type 3 Earthian — The number three approach is about devotion, it’s benevolent yet often limiting because it can only affect the few before it exhausts the compassionate and unconscious giver.

Type 4 Earthian — The number four approach is a harmonious way of viewing the whole but requires extreme patience and forward-thinking. It invests itself in a primordial and universal principle utilizing insight and organic resources to benefit humankind, but that method is often judged harshly by those who lack vision.

As you can see, there are many approaches to providing solutions to the crisis, though most times only one approach solves it with the least casualties.

Usually seeing the whole and solving the problem from a higher point of view helps to envision the best possible future for all humankind. It also creates more space for the spreading of specialized skills to those who wish to affect quality within a quantifiable society. Unfortunately, for this approach to be timely, the being must be clairvoyant. That Earthian must view the world instinctively, physically, logically and in abstract yet critical ways.

Here are the four types;

  • The Whistleblower
  • The Savior
  • The Educator
  • The Visionary

Do you still want us to grant your request?”

“Yes, I shall incarnate into the visionary. This fourth approach being is undoubtedly the most profitable for all Earthians.”

“Indeed, it seems to be the most plausible choice. But alas, it is impossible.

To become the fourth, you must embody all other three. And that takes many Earthian lifetimes. On our planet, you are still a whistleblower in her second phase of learning, yearning to apply the second approach — the heroic stage of the savior. We as your teachers haven’t yet aimed for the fourth. To know the fourth way one must understand how the apparatus that helped you peek at the Earthians from afar was built and by who. We cannot teach you this lesson until we learn it and transcend it ourselves.

But know this,

Without the whistleblowers, there is no warning. Without the saviors there are no acts of courage, without educators there is no wisdom shared, and without visionaries, there are no discoveries.

The purpose of the Earth experiment is to show you how you can attain and balance all four archetypes. You can gradually transcend these identifications by choosing a path with awareness and seeing all the possibilities. Every archetype is part of the one. All you have to do is unearth them. They just dwell somewhere on the many dimensions of your life ready to be called forth.

All approaches are life alterations. They must be weaved into a sturdy quilt and honed by your greatest superpower — Your imagination.

Natasha Jean-Bart

The Lever Principle — Synthesizing Buckminster Fuller’s wisdom.

“Anyway in which you and I order using principles that are operative in the universe, which our minds are able to discover — as for instance the lever. Where suddenly one man can lift what took twenty men to lift before. Where you could do a whole lot for others with a scientific principle, with whatever extent I employ principles, which are operative in the universe, to order the environmental conditions for humanity — to make it more favorable for the survival of humanity. This would bring about spontaneous behavior.
If I build a bridge where there’s a roaring gorge, where there’s life support on the other side of the roaring gorge, and people would’ve been risking their lives trying to swim across the gorge to get toward society. If I build a bridge, that’s the same thing as if I brought rescue to the bridge. So I commit myself then, to producing artifacts, and not trying to reform the human beings, but to take part in nature’s own evolution, performing of her own environment, by which you’re using these tools. So, I was then committing myself to try to do something for all humanity in ten years with tools…” Buckminster Fuller – The Lost Interviews.

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