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The first thing we notice after being able to forgive another is an elevated sense of lightness as if all the burdens have magically lifted off of our shoulders. Suddenly, we are naturally joyful. All our tasks are effortless. We become radiant. There is a divine glow that emanates from us as we glide along the path. We become pliant, flexible yet steadfast in our pursuit of light.

The lightness of a human being reflects and attracts all that is light. But “lightness” also has its duality. When we become light, we are much more aware of all the places where dark reside. The danger is unseen because being light does not mean denying darkness exists. When we get comfortable flying with our new wings, we forget that to share our light; we must come back down to earth. We must grow down. Light in the pursuit of more light negates its purpose. We need to remember to use our legs, to rest our wings, to be compassionate, and to remain human to those that have yet attained the heights that we’ve encountered. We also must avoid lighting our vanity by becoming enamored with our light.

“There are two ways of spreading light… To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” – Edith Wharton

We have seen the real dangers born from this kind of thinking. It creates dogmas, religions, and cults. We hear it all the time. Pure light does not choose to avoid darkness; it knows it must always follow it. Walk behind its heels. It is dangerous to blast a car’s high beam headlights onto an oncoming car along the darkened road. We know this. Every day there are people with the best of intentions blinding other people into following their beliefs. But I regress, that isn’t what we should talk about, let’s instead be alert.

Lightness is radiant, but for now, it cannot last. We live in a dichotomy and duality reigns on earth. In space, starlight is unconcerned with darkness because it seeks to emit its brightest light to burn away the dust and gases that hide it. Here is a significant clue. We must be unconcerned with darkness until we can emit our brightest light – The light that burns the dust and gases that keep us hidden. Being unconcerned does not mean not caring.

The Earth is young, the Universe is still expanding, and shadow is part of the process. Life here on Earth happens in cycles. It drags us back on those shaded roads where we have to learn to adopt a slower pace during dark times. It will also send us along darkened paths where people may need us to light the way. We never seek the “gates of suffering.” We enter them when we find ourselves at crossroads, or when a loved one is in trouble. Our hearts inevitably will be crushed, but we must keep on the path with heart. We will repeatedly be tested, and try to shut the gates before the storms hit to keep our small flame intact. But it will be blown out, over and over again. We resist, and as they say, what we resist always persists. When resistance shows up, it is a reminder of the hidden trigger. It tells us to look deeper. We must strike that match, create that spark, and reopen the gate.

Hence, our next word and topic is,


Light well,


Natasha Jean Bart

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