We are made of the same stuff, we play on different fields, create different frequencies, yet we don’t know how to live in the cut. The cut is life’s constant push and pull. To transcend it is to understand how coolness is achieved. It is to pause and reflect, yet remain aware of the way we express our individuality with harmony.

Key number 1: Harmony — We must never force our truths onto others.

What works for me, may be disruptive to you. In any case, the key is awareness. Free of the conditioning agents. I live my life energetically, but I am easy going by nature. I see that spring in your step, do you see that same spring in my dance? I enjoy all the pauses while you continually strive. To affirm our individuality does not mean we need to go against everything that seems different. It’s to see how we can all co-exist as one collective following a grander design.

Key number 2: We all have a role to play.

We are “different” my friends but made of the same stuff. We are all made of energy, yet our frequency seeks and attracts others with a parallel resonance. Being in the flow is to live without negatively interfering with other’s processes. To understand that our views of how the world should fit inside our belief systems are dangerous ones, even if our intentions are good. It’s impossible for us to be a hundred percent objective about what is best for all. We must let certain things play out on their own. To redirect a wheel that is spinning at a full velocity can break the wheel. Furthermore, it will throw off the passenger from the vehicle violently.

Key number 3: Timing is everything.

Flow knows when to stop, pause and restart. Our speech needs punctuation. Without it, it is just noise. Music needs pauses, without it, it is just deafening. We must acknowledge that our vehicle (body) needs rest. We must become aware of our physical limitations. It’s about letting chaos inform us, to stop and become attentive instead of reactive.

Key number 4: No beginning, no end.

If there is no beginning and no end, why are we in a rush? Herein lies The Fourth Law of Creation according to Nikola Tesla. Life is a maturation of our humanness; The ripening of fruit. We are in a constant state of being and becoming — “Nothing lasts, nothing is lost,” said Willian Blake. We must become conscious that if this law exists, it may also mean there is no end for us. All elements in nature go through a transformation.

Key number 5: Be flexible.

Lao Tzu said; “The tree that is unbending is easily broken.” Hence, your thoughts and actions must be according to Tao (Dao). The sage has taught us that the Tao is not a thing nor can it be named, it is nothing and everything. The push and pull of life are constant, and all we need to do is to adopt a resistance-free approach while moving within it. We devised “intellectually” how to use nature to power our machines, yet haven’t understood how to use our knowledge to “intelligently” serve the human form. We need the flexibility of thought, motion, and emotion because it teaches us to see the whole, lessens the friction and invites us how to move beyond resistance. Be as flexible as the blade of grass, for this; you must be soft and pliable to receive life.

Key number 6: Simplicity is ease, it isn’t easy.

Society teaches us to find a specialty, to work our whole lives towards the completion of a goal until we erase all lacks. The issue lies in the fact that when what we have learned becomes complex, we teach complexity. A complicated life cannot create ease. We then need to rid ourselves by trying to gain more stillness. Simplicity is effortless. Complexity is stressful. Stillness is finding the rhythm that invites ease into your life, but it doesn’t mean there is no work and no discipline, because simple is hard.

Key number 7: Redesign your reality

A mind is a powerful tool, the body is also powerful, but we revert to our intellect to override our body’s primary needs on a daily basis. The mind always seeks the path of least resistance by making us believe that without coffee we can’t function, that without wine we can’t relax, or that without this person we won’t be happy. Instead, we should use your mind to reshape our thoughts, our body, and our world. What are the dreams you have long buried? Time to unearth them. What habits of yours are unhealthy? Time to destroy them. To redesign our reality, we must remove all of the self-created obstacles and begin to visualize other alternatives. As children, we always did this. We dreamed of all the possible ways to rid ourselves of limitations. Resistance is not a way out; it’s a way into our awareness, it teaches us to stop being biased by not letting ourselves off the hook. To watch the mind is to see how it tricks us into resisting doing the uncomfortable work — this is the beginning of awareness.

Key number 8: The path of least resistance is to imitate nature.

Sometimes you need a sail to catch the wind, other times you must wait for the tides to ride the wave. Going against nature is destructive. The more we use our natural resources to take shortcuts, the more we invite chaos. Society builds upon these shortcuts, the lazy paths. We complain that society is unfair to us, yet we fail to see how we have become complacent and disconnected from nature. We are used to a certain level of comfort, but we have forgotten what the saying; “Your life is in your hands,” actually means. Dreams may seed as ideas within our mind, but actualizing these dreams are always in our hands. Being the most intellectual architect in the room doesn’t mean he can build a house. To imitate nature is to get out of our comfort zone and do some work with our hands, or to use our intellect to create intelligent designs. “Nature is not outside us; we are nature.” Karel Schrijver.

Key number 9: The moment we see it, it disappears — Letting go

There is beauty in seeing without seeing. The moment truth is revealed, all opinions are suspended. It’s in this moment that we drop the drama and see the joke. It’s becoming both visible and transparent. There is no more plan to follow, no system to master. There is only a higher knowing. In this state, you become everything and nothing all at once. You welcome the unknown by trusting that meaning can never be lost. When we let life lead, our intelligent design awakens.

*Key: That which opens the way or explains. 


Natasha Jean Bart

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