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All vessels are meant to be useful. All humans possess a body, and those bodies are our tools. They cannot be useful if they aren’t whole because the mind and body must work together to bring forth the needed equilibrium. There are always physical triggers to warn us that our bodies are out of alignment. A new or an old injury can affect ones natural metabolism. Our mental health can also be affected by a stressful environment – Stress being the number one culprit, as stress is often triggered by fear. We were never taught that our brain’s receptors are like valves waiting for cues to open. Whatever we ingest, observe, think and experience send signals to these receptors, which in turn trigger reactions on mental and physical levels.

Call it stress, tension, anxiety, depression – essentially it is just this: your intelligence has turned against you. Sadhguru

There is a lot of talk about mind, body and spirit alignment, yet there is a deep knowing behind it all. More and more people study neuroscience because this brain of ours is still much of a mystery to us. A strange blob contained within a body that is supposed to anchor us within a vast ecosystem. But somehow, we don’t feel safe.

What is missing?

Our sense of wholeness I presume. But there is a way to get a feel for it again: By taking our cues from nature. Our human bodies have undergone a series of processes that mirror the way our universe works: a macrocosmic larger than life version of ourselves. Unfortunately, we humans convinced ourselves that we function as single entities. The effect is an intellect that loves to dissect everything we focus on instead of using our thoughts creatively. We always forget that nature has provided us with everything we need to survive and grow our form.

Most of our needs connect to the belly. The center of our being. The point of survival. The place where we feel the butterflies, which is our blood vessels constricting as a result of fear. We should see how the belly plays such an essential role in our transformation and even to our demise as human beings. Somehow, we have crossed all the wires. Our brain transfers information and our body transform them. The belly has to be in harmony with the mind, the heart, and the spirit or the toxic thoughts enhances toxicity within what organizes it all; the body. It’s the feelings we feel that make our hearts beat faster, although the mind just labels them: danger, fear, pain, anger, excitement, desire, love. This is why we travel, eat, and dance. These signals, once sent, transforms us positively or negatively because of our “beliefs” of always needing more. Sadly, science is investing a lot more resources into evolving our intellect. Hence, we keep trying to insert Tesla OS (operating systems) inside old Chevy trucks.

Wholeness is the state of forming a complete and harmonious whole — unity. 

But how can we do that if we cannot see the whole picture.

It’s time that we study nature’s codes. Why is it that most of us forget that if we stared at the Earth from space, we would never know humans were dwelling on it? From a human perspective, we cannot feel nor see our cells. And if we did see it, our lack of understanding would possibly create more chaos. The key is to, again, emulate the Universe. Humans would benefit greatly from learning from her.

To see the world in a grain of sand, we must have an open mind. And when we attain openness, people begin to seek us. The more you attract, the more balance you must achieve. If we aren’t whole, we cannot ground ourselves fully. To be whole is also to acknowledge that we are not living an autonomous life. Wholeness is a work of art with no journey’s end. Cultivation that is continually returning to the source to discard what does not serve us.

There is nothing to keep us firmly grounded if all of the things that make us human work separately. Nothing in our Universe works independently, even as closed or open systems. Our bodies are integrated systems with millions of sub-systems working synergistically. To feel whole, we must return to the womb. Feed the body with living foods. Feed the mind with living thoughts, disperse these out-motions (emotions) with living energy (the fire in the belly), and continuously retreat by practicing meditation.

An idea (in one’s mind) must be expressed (out-pressed) through the body to feel real. This is why we dance, sing, travel and eat, don’t we? We want to feel a sense of wholeness, to suppress the hunger. For centuries the sages have been warning us that we live in an imaginary world. Our thoughts are distorted, hence our actions are flawed. We must return to wholeness because frankly, it is our nature. The mistake is to think we are empty and that we must keep filling ourselves. We fill the form with things that are limited: yet boundlessness is the only thing that is unlimited. That boundlessness is that which we seek. Being open is as close as we can get, but it invites a lot of other powerful energies to enter us as well. To counterbalance this, we must be able to ground our sensitivity. To be the portal, one also must be deeply anchored. Without that, we get uprooted too easily by life’s unexpected trials. Remember, being whole is at the root of your transformation. Being healthy is understanding how energies move through you and how to balance these energies. Any excesses can dip the scales and negatively affect us.

Return is key. You come back home; you sit in silence, you rest your body, mind, and spirit and meditate. Our bodies are the protective nests while we dwell out of the womb. We must handle them with care.

Heal well,


Natasha Jean Bart

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